Military Barracks Mosque

Located to the north of Alasonya, it was close to tha Larissa-Kozani highway. The area was known as ‘The Barracks’ because there had been a Barracks around the mosque until 1912. It was located just 500 mt. from the Customs House.

There is a telegram on file 13 Ra 1321 (June 9, 1903)] from the Alasonya Commander, Colonel İbrahim, in which he explains that the finances for the mosque being built next to the Military Barracks were insufficient and he passes on a request for funds from the public treasury (BOA, TFR.I.AS, 4/325).

The official opening of the mosque, built with public donations and donations from the soldiers, took place on 18 N, 1321 (December 8, 1903) the birthday of the Sultan. For this reason it is recorded that a special prayer for the Sultan was read (BOA, DH.MKT, 800/34). In an essay written in 1986, Eleni Gavra writes about the mosque and the historical evidence concerning its existence. The rectangular mosque measured 20 mt. x 15 mt. It had been in use until the Turkish Army left Alasonya in 1912. It was then turned into storage after all of the Turks left in 1924. As the time passed, its wooden roof collapsed. After the upper part of its minaret collapsed in 1961 or 1962, it was used for automobile repairs and painting (Gavra, 1988, pp. 23-27).


Gavra suggests in her essay that the mosque should have been protected and registered as a monument. She mentioned that the historical importance of the structure was great and that it should have been restored (Gavra, 1988, p. 28). The ruins of the mosque were found during our visit. The inhabitants of the neighborhood told us that it collapsed in 2008.

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