Hamdi Bey Fountain

It is located on the corner of Amerikis Street and Kazouli Street. It is known as Amerikis Fountain. It is understood from the inscription that, when Ser Mabeynci (Chamberlain) Hamdi Bey has seen that the island folk had no water, he had made Saffet Bey bring water and he built the fountain in 1846. It is one of the three other fountains that Hamdi Bay has built in Rhodes Island. The other two fountains are built on the same year with Hamdi Bey Fountain and they are called Karantina Square Fountain and Fountain of Murad Reis Tomb. This fountain was built as Square fountain. The inscription is placed on its frontage in the entrance which is columned and arched. The back side and the left side of frontage is completely smooth. Right side and the front have the same organization.

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