Sırmalı Mehmed Efendi Cemetery

It is located in the Germe (Platani) village of the island. After Sheikh Mehmed Efendi was buried here in 1870, the Germe Village Cemetery had been started to be called with this name. Mazlum Payzanoghlu from Kos had the tomb repaired after being finally and completely restored in 2004. The blinds were made by Demirci ‹smail.Only Mehmet Efendi's tomb is located inside.In the cemetery, there are many family burial places that belong to essential Turkish families of Kos. One of these families is Kocaoghlan family the most known and recognised family of Kos today. There are many famous Kocaoghlans who immigrated from Kos to Turkey. One of them is, a lecturer of METU Electrical Electronical Engineering Department, Prof.Dr. Erol Kocaoghlan who was born in Kos.



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