Lesvos Turkish Houses

The Mansion House of Hasan Pasha of Algeria, the Kulaks›zoghullar› Mansion House and the İsmail Pasha Mansion House are the first to mention among the dwellings in Lesvos. The mansion House of Hasan Pasha, who was known to be a terrific master of the seas, was surrounded in two sides by the sea, and in two other sides faces the mountains. These mansion houses have not survived to this day. There can be found many abandoned Turkish houses in the streets of Mytilene. They belong to the Muslims of Lesvos, who were the first group to leave their houses in order to be exchanged with the Greeks living within Turkish borders; and they had left their homeland with the hope of coming back soon. The 955 Muslim until then living in Lesvos left the island in 1923 with the ship Jenatu to be transferred to Ayvalık, with a boy who was born on the trip named Mustafa Kemal. While they were leaving the island, hafizes were lamenting tunefully, for the lost beautiful homeland Lesvos. After the population exchange, accordingly to an American Committee, 7024 expatriots have been transferred to Ayvalık in a hurry, taking little possession with them and having to leave most of their belongings and immovable property behind. The houses we see in the streets of Lesvos that have a plate written 'Maşallah' on it, which a second generation expatriot had never seen, only imagined with his mother's narrations, are the houses where these people were born, the people who till the end of their lives dreamed of their homeland Lesvos looking at it from the port of Ayvalık.

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