Tuzcu Sinan Bey Mosque

Tuzcu Sinan Bey built a mosque, a bath, a charitable institution (soup kitchen) and a school in Karaferye. The earliest document of these structures belongs to the school, on 1079 (1668-69), (Ayverdi IV, 1981, p.250). The charitable foundation of the Tuzcu Sinan Bey Mosque, VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 725, p.279, on 7 L, 1103 (June 22, 1692). Mehmed Khalif was appointed as the fetihhan (the person who prays and leads the conquest prayer at the mosque) at the mosque, on 20 N, 1143 (March 29, 1731), (BOA, C.EV, 10/484). On 26 Ca, 1217 (September 24, 1802); the assignments of cüzhan (the person who recites parts of the Kur-an) and muezzin were announced (BOA, C.BLD, 17/809). Machiel Kiel indicates that its prayer niche stood until this date and has been was repaired however, it couldn’t be found (2001, p.393). There is a requisition of the charitable foundations of Tuzcu Sinan Bey Mosque, on July 18, 1924 (BCA, 30542, / 557.1360.3).
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