Narinciye Cemetery

There are two big cemeteries of the Ottoman era in Kos. First one of these is, Central Narinciye Cemetery; and the second one is Germe S›rmal› Mehmed Efendi Cemetery. People are still being buried in both of these cemeteries. In the cemetery, which is surrounded by high walls and has a single door, many tombstones belonging to the Ottoman era and which had been taken away during the Italian era and brought from other cemeteries stay in bundles. Although before there have been many cemeteries which belonged to Turks in Kos, most of these did not survive until today. These cemeteries are as follows: Andimahi Castle Cemetery, Dedeler Okulu Cemetery, Kumburnu Cemetery, Kefaloz Cemetery, Old Turkish Cemetery in Kefaloz Castle, Moruk Mosque Cemetery, Yedi Efendiler (Seven Masters) Cemetery, Narince Castle Cemetery, Konyalı (Pili) Village Cemetery




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