Hamidiye Fountain

It is located in Vounaki Square, across Mecidiye Mosque. There used to be Administration Mansion, Artillery, Telegraph House, Jail and Court buildings in the Ottoman Period on the Square where the fountain was placed. It used to be the most important places in the Chios Island with Coffee Houses and regular customers for water pipe.
On the front face, the inscription is located between columns on top. In the inscription its written that the fountain was built because of Sultan Abdülhamid the Second's enthroning's twenty fifth anniversary in 1 September 1900 as a memorial of gratitude. Because of this the fountain was built as a memorial. In the year 1900 the Cülûs-ı Hümâyûn (Accession to the Throne) festivals had a unique meaning and magnificence, since it was the "silver year" of Sultan Abdülhamid the Second's sovereignty. The fact that none of the Sultans after Kanunî Sultan Süleyman has ruled this long had made the anniversary's importance greater. Therefore, lots of architectural works were made in all regions of the Empire.

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