New Bath

It is placed in Arionos Square. The bath is also known as Belediye Bath, Suleiman Bath, Double Bath or Mustafa Bath. It was registered legally with the decision of Greece Culture Ministry on 25 August. It is the only bath that stayed and still active in the city Rhodes. The name of the building was firstly defined in a firman written in 1558.

The building was built with double plans, is composed of women's and men's baths. It is built in two stages. At first, the men's part was built and the women's part was built by Sultan Mustafa III. The big dome of the men's part is the biggest of the Rhodes's Turkish domes with it's 13 meters of diameter.

The bath was closed in the Italian dominance period and restorated and after 1928 it was active again. Between the years of 1992-1995 it was included in re evaluating the historical buildings project in the European Union program; 'Rebuild'. Because the renewation of the building needed a great amount of payment and cannot be found, the building couldn't be restored. The works were limited only with the protection of some parts of the bath.







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