Hasan Kadı Mosque

Recorded in Evliya Çelebi mentions it. That it is outside the castle (V, 1966, p.396). An old photograph shows that the mosque was a medium sized construction with a dome, portico and a minaret. It was located in the upper part of the government building (Ayverdi IV, 1981, p.255). The charitable foundation of the mosque, VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 400, Line Nr: 321 on 11 Z, 1253 (March 8, 1838). The charter of the mosque of the vakif, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 180/0, p.0088, Line Nr: 0673 on 25 Ca, 1241 (January 5, 1826).

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