Sultan Cem’s House

If burns thousand years in flames of love , Cem
Never goes ashore in the sea of sorrow, Cem
There is no border of sadness and gloom, take shelter in your dervish lodge
Shed your tears like the stars, shieldless Cem

After losing the sovereignty struggle with his brother Bayezid the II, Fatih Sultan Mehmed's younger son Sultan Cem had taken shelter with the three ships that he supplied from Rhodes knights with the help of Frenk Süleyman, in 26 July 1482 and his 30 peopled suite. The master of the knights Pierre d'Abusson had met Cem Sultan and gave him a building. He had stayed here for five weeks until he was sent to Rome with his suite in 16 October 1482. The Rhodes Knights' agreement with Bayezid the Second states that if they keep Cem as a captive, the Sultan of the Ottoman's will pay them 40 000 filorins every year. Also, in response to Cem's captivity in Rome, the Ottoman Sultan will never harm neither Rhodes nor Rome. In 1495, Sultan Cem has died but until then, the agreement was valid. The house that Cem stayed in Rhodes is in Knights Boulevard. During our observations the building was restoration to be used in the purpose of tourism.







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