New Bath

The New Bath is situated inside of the Castle, on Mentoni Ioanni Street. It is highly probable that this is the Koca Abdurrahman Pasha Bath, which is reported to be built in the archive records of Chios.

The New Bath is of the same type of plan with the Old Bath of Chios which is still standing. It has been constructed according to a plan including a dome in the center, horizontal heat dissemination and two gendersegregated parts. Although there is a third part left outside the main structure and situated in the middle of the two segregated parts, the building looks as if it has two segregated parts. The rectangular entrance hall leans partly on the two archs and partly on the level walls. Today the Bath is owned privately, used as a marble workshop. There has been an attempt to transfer its rights of utilization to the part of the Museum of Archaeology, but the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement.





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