Junior High School

Various records provide the following information concerning the Junior High School in the town. On 18 Ca, 1294 (May 31, 1877) instructions were given to send books and maps to Junior High School students (BOA, MF.MKT, 49/65). On 19 Ra, 1296 (March 13, 1879) an exchange of documents were requested between Mustafa Effendi, the Head teacher, and the Head teacher of the Eğribucak Junior High School (BOA, MF.MKT, 60/161). On 22 Ş, 1305, (May 4, 1888) an announcement was made concerning the employment of a secondary teacher (BOA, MF.MKT, 98/68). On 6 M, 1306, (September 12, 1888) an exchange concerning examination papers and Ragıb Effendi, the second teacher of the Serfice School, was recorded (BOA, MF.MKT, 101/44). On 23 Ra, 1306, (November 27, 1888) Ragıb Effendi was approved favorably after the examination of certain documents (BOA, MF.MKT, 103/101). On 25 C, 1308, (February 5, 1891) an exchanges of the first teacher of the Topçular Junior High School and the first teacher of the Kayalar Junior High School was agreed (BOA, MF.MKT, 125/126). On 15 L, 1311, (April 21, 1894) the first teacher of Serfice Primary School Musa Kazım Effendi was asked to submit certain documents in order to be promoted a degree for his good service and efforts (BOA, MF.MKT, 201/53).

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