Faralyalılar Mansion House

It's located inside the Castle, in Pythagora Street Number 66. The round inscription plate indicating the building date 1317 (1899 -1890) is on the pebble floored courtyard. It was built by Faralyal› Hadji Halil Efendi. The architect of the mansion house is Master Tsimetas, who also have built the houses for Cretan Immigrants. The mansion house rises on an arch in the old Turkish street. It is the most magnificent Turkish Mansion standing inside the Castle. The mansion house has twenty rooms and some of its rooms have small baths. It also has a fountain adjacent to the courtyard wall. In Uzgur village Hadji Halil's rendering plant is still standing. Hadji Hafiz Hüseyin Efendi from the Faralyalı family is one of the people rebuilding the Aga Mosque inside the castle. It's said between the Greek neighbors that Hadji Halil Efendi was very generous and he was handing out pitas in Ramadan every day before the breaking of fast. In the mansion that later was bisected, two families are living.

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