Degree & Certificates

1989 – 1994: Bachelor's degree in architecture from Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul.

2005 – 2006: Diploma In the theories and the History of Architecture in faculty of Architecture, Aleppo University 2006.

2008 – 2010: Master’s degree in the theories and the History of Architecture in faculty of Architecture, Aleppo University 2010.


1995 – 2007: Worked in different architectural companies in Saudi Arabia.

2008 – : Founder and chairman of Shadirwan Center For Architectural Heritage, Aleppo, Syria.

2009 – : Representative of The Foundation for the Protection and Promotion Environment and Cultural Heritage in Turkey (ÇEKÜL) in Syria.

2010 – 2012 : Consultant Architect in Syria of Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA).

2011 – 2013 : Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Aleppo University.


• Historical Tour In the Architecture of the Arabic and the Turkish Houses. (Arabic - 1998)

• The Architecture of Ottoman Mosques. (Arabic \ English - 2006)

• Aleppo The Architecture of the Old Town Samples and Experiments. (Arabic - 2006)

• Spaces in the Islamic Architecture. (Arabic - 2006)

• Istanbul The Bridge of Civilizations. (Arabic - 2008)

• The Remaining Ottoman Buildings in Saudi Arabia. (Turkish - 2011)

Joint Publications:

• The Houses with An Interior Courtyard – Between the past, Present and the Future. (Participated Author-Taylor & Francis-Published in 2005)

• Cultural and Touristic heritage in Gaziantep and Aleppo (Turkish \ Arabic \ English 2008)

• Aleppo 41 Historical Buildings (Turkish\ Arabic\ English 2010)

• The Similar Architecture features between Gaziantep and Aleppo (Turkish \ Arabic 2011)


• Al-Basel Award for Intellectual Innovation In the field of the Architectural Heritage in Aleppo, Presented by: The Head of Aleppo City Council, 2006.

• Sheikh Zayed Award for the Young Author, For the Book: The Architecture of the Ottoman Mosques, Presented by: Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage (ADACH), 2007.

• The Organization of Islamic Cities and Capitals Award (Category of Writing, Surveying and Translating), The first award in the field of Architecture For the Book: The Architecture of the Ottoman Mosques, Presented by: The Organization of Islamic Cities and Capitals, 2007.

• The Arab Towns Organization Award, As a best architect worked in Historical Architectural Heritage, 2013.


Neval Konuk was born in İstanbul in 1976. She completed her education of Primary school, Middle school and Senior high school there. She graduated from Gazi University’s Department of Art History. She worked as a specialist for the Ataturk Cultur, Language and History High Agency, Ataturk Cultural Centre and the Eurasian Strategic Research Center (ASAM). She works as a lecturer at the Marmara University Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Art History in 2006. Besides her doctoral studies on ‘Tomb Architecture in the Balkans’; she has been doing various research concerning Turkish Architectural Artifacts that are located in the Balkans. Within this scope, she has a two-volume collective publication titled ‘Ottoman Architectural Artifacts in Kosovo’ (Turkish Historical Society, Ankara 2006) and she has an achievement called “Midilli, Rodos, Sakız ve İstanköy’de Osmanlı Mimarisi -Ottoman Architecture in Lesvos, Rhodes, Chios and Kos” (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stratejic Research Centre (SAM), Ankara 2008). She has also prepared the booklet of the Romania-Babadağ Sarı Saltuk Tomb Restoration and she took part in the restoration committee of Kosovo Sultan Murad Hüdaverdigâr Tomb and the committees that took place in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria. Lastly, she has been continuing her studies on Ottoman architecture in Thessaloniki and the cities near Thessaloniki within the scope of Greek cultural property inventory studies.