Grevena, a city in the Macedonian, region of Greece was a district connected to Serfice in 1881. It came under Greek domination in 1913. Bekir Fikri Bey, author of the 600-page book “Grebene ve Garp Ordusunda Kuvve-i Seyyâre” (1332/1916), was from Grebene; Bekir Fikri Bey, who became a major on December 17, 1912, called his forces in the Balkan War the “Kuvve-i Seyyare (Mobile Forces)”. The book explains the Balkan Wars.
 Binbaşı (Major/ ταγματάρχης ) Bekir Fikri

The city was subject to a population exchange, with most of its previous residents settling in Malatya in Turkey (İpek, 2000, p.42). On 13 May, 1995, the only remaining mosque collapsed during an earthquake of 6.6 magnitude. Today, the only remaining intact artefacts are the clock tower located in the city centre and three bridges on the way to Thessaloniki, nearby Grevena.

 Mill from the Ottoman period


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