Railroad Station

Construction on the railroad from Selânik (Thessaloniki) to Üsküp (Skopje) was begun on 28 Za, 1289 (January 27, 1873). A decision to extenfd the railroad was postponed (BOA, A.MKT.MHM, 446/43). A railroad from Kavala to Serres was begun on 23 S, 1303 (December 1, 1885), (BOA, ŞD, 502/39). Records show a letter concerning the building of a railway from Dedeağaç (Alexandropoli) to Gümülcine (Komotini), Siroz (Serres) and Selânik (Thessaloniki) on 11 L, 1307 (May 31, 1890),(BOA, İ.DH, 1180/92277). It is thought that the railroad was built in the late 1890s. The railroad station is still there and it is still in use today.
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