Agha Mosque

It is located in the old bazaar area, in the middle of Sokratus Street. It is registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 as 23084/737. According to it's inscription, after the old mosque was ruined, it was reconstructed by Seyyid Hadji Mehmet Agha, in 1819. As a result of the earthquake in 1856 and the resulting explosion of the Egrikapi Arsenal, it was damaged and renovated at a cost of 2305 kurus. When it was damaged in World War II, it was restored on 4 June 1948 by the Rhodes Turkish Waqf Administration, which was in charge of administration and control. The wooden entrance and the minaret were taken down in the early 70's because there was a danger they might collapse and were later reconstructed during the restoration of 2004.

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