Turhan Bey Mosque

“It was the first mosque that was constructed after the conquest. Despite the fact that it is an old structure covered with tiles, its location within the downtown area keeps it constantly crowded with worshippers. The date of foundation is written on the door which faces Mecca. There are various pools and fountains in front of this sacred mosque”

(Evliya Çelebi VIII, 1966, p.49).

It can be understood from the last line of the account concerning this mosque that Çelebi wrote that the mosque was built in 895 (1490).

Turhan Bey is a conqueror of the Peloponnese. The registry book of the charitable foundation shows that the neighborhood surrounding this mosque is known as the Turhan Bey Neighborhood. The Turhan Bey Neighborhood “Avarız” vakif, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 652/2, p. 0121, Line Nr: 0248 on 10 Ra, 1180 (August 16, 1766). On 16 Za, 1138 (July 16, 1726) Ahmed Effendi from the village of Akova allocated money for this mosque. The charter of Ahmed Effendi bin Mustafa Agha vakif, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 624/0, p. 0315, Line Nr: 0285 on Nr. 1500/1, 1 Ra, 1154 (May 17, 1741).

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