Ömer Bey Mosque

Ömer Bey was the son of Turhan Bey. The mosque was part of the complex but we could not find any information about its architectural features. According to Çelebi,

“It was a nice mosque to the north of the city, on the Kalpak Kaya road. It did not have a tall minaret” (VIII, 1966, p.49) “Pâre Pâre-zâde Ahmed Efendi was buried in his mosque’s garden” (VIII, 1966, p.51).

The charter of the Ömer Bey Mosque, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 743/0, p.0133, Line Nr: 0029 on 10 M, 889 (February 8, 1484), (It was annexed to the Ghazi Turhan Bey charitable foundation).

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