Balak Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Soup Kitchen and School

There are two charitable foundation registrations for the mosque. These are: VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 405, Line Nr: 312 on 1 Ş, 1186 (October 28, 1772); and is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 725, p. 103 on 29 R, 1099 (March 3, 1688). In 29 R, 1191 (June 6, 1777); The granting of the mosque’s foundation took place (BOA, C.EV, 645/32505). Balak Mustafa Pasha donated money, land, etc. to the charitable foundation of the mosque, soup kitchen and school that he had built (BOA, C.EV, 444/22456). The mosque and the soup kitchen are registered in the name of Polak Mustafa Pasha in Ekrem Hakkı Ayverdi (IV, 1981, p.296).
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