Railroad Station

On September 16, 1870, the company charter agreement of the railroad which was renewed and constructed from Golos to Trikala was signed (BOA, HR.TO, 470/5). On December 30, 1872, Engineer Mocinso made an appeal concerning the construction of the railroad between Trikala and Golos Harbour (BOA, HR.TO, 470/22). On 25 Za, 1289 (January 24, 1873) the Trikala Railroad company was requested to make things easier for French engineer Monsieur Joj who was to explore the railroad. Although Joj’s exploration was approved, he was to undertake such at his own expense (BOA, A.MKT.MHM, 446/13). On 29 Z, 1289 (February 27, 1873) an application concerning the railroad was offered to the Council of State by engineer Bohnesvi was discussed (BOA, A.MKT. MHM, 448/71). Despite the existence of all these records we could not ascertain the dtae of first construction for the Railroad Station.

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