Bab-ı Mesdud Mesjid

It is located at the intersection of the Omiru and Irodotu Streets. It is registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 as 23084/737. It is so named because of its location near The New Gate, which was blocked off by Suleiman the Magnificent, after his entry into the city. Today it functions as The Church of Agios Athanasios. It is believed that it was converted from an old church to a Mesjid. The Mesjid is rectangular in the plan and vaulted. There is a mihrab with muqarnas. The Mesjid transferred to the Metropolitan of Rhodes in 1974, in accordance with the decision of the board of directors of the Turkish Waqf Administration which was directy appointed by the Greek authorities. It was restored in 1979 and the interior was excavated in 1991.

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