Yakub Bey Mosque (Âtik Mosque)

Located on Papakonstandinu Neretis Street. It was built by Ghazi Evrenos Bey’s son Yakub Bey. It was chartered by a Foundation (vakif) in M 878 (June 1473). The charter of the mosque of the vakif, VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 652, Line Nr: 0227 on 8 Ca, 1178 (November 3, 1764) and the charitable foundation, VGMA, is registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 400, Line Nr: 315 on 13 Ş, 1256 (October 10, 1840). There is another charitable foundation for the mosque called Ashab-ı Hayrat. It; VGMA, registered in the Atik Defter Nr: 725, p.477 on 23 M, 1179 (July 12, 1765).
The mosque is no longer extent, only three rows of the brick and stone minaret remains. Old photographs show the mosque was rectangular and covered with a roof of tiles in an Ottoman style. The south, east and west facades contain windows designed side by side. The lower windows were rectangular and those above were arched. The community room, adjacent to the north front, was enclosed and was found under the same roof as the mosque. Its single minaret was located on the northeast side of the mosque. Research shows that the minaret and the mosque are now enclosed by fencing and under protection.

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