The Houses

Most of the houses in which the Turks of Trikala used to live in are either in ruin, empty or are being used by Greeks. Some of the houses were used by Albanians who came from the highlands to avoid the harsh winter conditions, or to work as craftsmen or laborers (Lawless, 1977, p.525). Many of the Turks who left Trikala first settled in other nearby cities. A record dated 29 R, 1301 (February 27, 1884) discusses how these relocated people generally fended for themselves and supplied their own tools and animals (BOA, DH.MKT, 1343/113).

Today, in the neighborhood just below the castle, there are a lot of houses which were, and still are called “varousi”. This area was known as a suburb in the Ottoman Period. The houses reflect the traditional Ottoman architectural characteristics with their bay windows, courts and gardens. Through these artifacts, the integrity of the neighborhood and the city stands out as being a good example of a traditional Anatolian settlement. These houses are generally dublex or triplex and they are located in a wide courtyard or garden. The balconies called “sachnisia” which are placed on the ground floor within the uneven landscapes which were formed on the upper floor brighten the frontages.

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