Turkish Mansion House

The mansion house is situated inside the Castle, on Ippoton Street. Turks of Rhodes generally had rebuilt the medieval dwellings or the residences of the Knights into adequate residences for themselves. Houses that have been built according to the classical plan of Turkish dwellings are rare inside the Castle. The main difficulty in the reconstruction of these houses into dwellings suitable for Muslims has been the installation of a bath. The Turkish mansion house which was being used as the Museum of Ethnography in the Italian period is among such residences. The ground floor of the mansion house belongs to the period of the Knights while the upper floor to the Ottoman period. The mansion house has a flat roof and has a very modest outer appearance. In the interior, lack of furniture and the plainnes of the walls is substituted with rugs, barbecues, flambeaus, colorful pillows and covers. Decoration is generally recognized on elements like doors and cabinets. The cabinets in the rooms and the ceiling are made of wood. The ceiling has a great role in the decoration of inner space. The Turkish family that comes into the house at sunset, cutting the access with the outside world, spends the evening under the ceiling depicting the skies. The reconstruction works of the Mansion House continuing since 1989, have been started after the completion of related projects. In the courtyard, a couple of tombstones, construction inscriptions and a splendid fountain that dates back to 1756 can be seen.

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