Yusuf Muhlis Pasha Mosque

Registered in the Başvekâlet (Prime Ministry) Archive, 1249 (1833-34), (Ayverdi IV, 1981, p.297). Yusuf Muhlis Pasha is the son of İsmail Bey, the governor of Serres. He became the gateman of Eğriboz in 1233 (1817-18), he became the governor of Saruhan in 1237 (November 1821) and governor of Halep in 1242 (1826- 27). He became the governor of Aydın in 1257 (1841) and then became the governor of Rumelia. He was discharged in 1258 (1842) and he passed away in Serres, in 1259 (1843). He was an important person and he was a poet (Mehmed Süreyya V, 1996, p.1694).
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