Government Office

Located on Dikastirion Square in the city center. On 21 Z, 1314 (May 23, 1897) the opening ceremony of the 2 floor, Neo- Classical Government Office took place (BOA, Y.PRK.DH, 9/62). The building was constructed in a way that provided for the circulation between the floors and utilized a double-wing plan. It does not have an inscription. The building has been in use as the Court of Justice since 1915. It was fully restored in the 1960s. The structures wooden floors, corridor, halls were renewed in the present restoration. Some small rooms were combined into larger ones, the entrance of the building and its coating were renewed (Tsolakis, 2008, pp.81-83). During the time of our visit the building was undergoing some restoration. This structure was listed as a Barracks in ‘Ottoman Architecture in Greece’ published by the Greek Hellenic Ministry of Culture (Ottoman Architecture in Greece, 2008, pp. 211-212). Yet, in the book ‘The Ottoman Government Buildings in Greece, 1850-1912’, published in 2008, these buildings were mentioned as Government Offices. In this work, Panos Tsolakis specified 35 government offices of which twenty still exist, from Crete to Florina. It is remarkable that this type of detailed work was not apparent in the publication put out by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

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