Hamza Bey Mosque

It is located within the boundaries of the fortress at 44 Timekreontos Street. It was registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 under number 23084/737. The mosque has a square floor plan and is vaulted. The minaret in the northwestern corner remains standing as high as the gallery. There is a prayer area with a sloping roof, which has also been used as a Mevlevi Lodge. Also there is a Mihrabiye on the courtyard wall, which aligns with the mihrab. The central chandelier carries a Mühr-ü Süleyman motif, while the motif in the center of the mihrab represents an oil lamp. Restoration, begun in 2004 and had not yet been completed when this book went to print. Ziynet Çeflmeli, aged 63 in 2008 and her son have been living in the courtyard of the mosque for the past 40 years.

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