Both Turks and Greeks lived in the town. The Turks that defended the region with Bekir Fikri Bey after the Ottoman Army was defeated in the Balkan War and retreated were known as “patriyot (patriot)”. The Turks of Nasliç were also called “patriyot”. During the population exchanges, some Greeks from Anatolia were relocated to Nasliç (Acaroğlu, 2006, p.472). The Turkish refugees from Nasliç were relocated to Malatya according to the Cabinet Council decision of 17 July, 1923 (İpek, 2000, pp.41-42). Others from the same area were relocated to Trabzon as well (İpek, 2000, p.74). At the present time there are numerous Turks that came from the Nasliç area that now live in the village of Elbasan in Istanbul’s Büyükçekmece. İhsan Tevfik Kırca, a researcher, conducted an interview in May 2005 with Nadire Tunç who was born in Nasliç, on 1 July, 1910. Tunç shared detailed information about the Turks of Nasliç and their daily lives during this interview which has since been published on several internet sites. Nadire Tunç passed away on 20 April, 2008.

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