Şair Haşmet Grave

Satirist poet Haşmet's grave is located by the entrance of Şahin Giray Tomb in the Murad Reis Cemetery. The grave has just a grave stone. Haşmet is the son of General Abbas Efendi. He was first exiled to Bursa in June 1759 together with Poet Abdurrezzak Nevres, then to Rhodes in 1762 by Sultan Mustafa III. However he was transferred to Izmir as well but after staying in Izmir for a short time, he was exiled back in Rhodes. He has passed away in 1768 in Rhodes. HaŞmet who had a great fame on dewan litreature, has written a work known as Surname or Veladetname for the birth of Hibetullah Sultan (20 March 1759). This is the ultimate work between this kind of writings.

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