Topçubaşi Agha Mansion House

It is situated outside the Castle of Rhodes. The founder and the date of construction are unidentified. The name, though, makes the implication that the building was used as the residence of the Head of Artillerymen (Topçubafl›) of Rhodes. The building has a very modest outer appearance, and lies in the middle of a large courtyard. The doorsills and the projects on top of the windows are important elements to compromise with the seemingly monotonous mass with a flat roof. The latticeworked windows are also quite simple. The reconstruction works in the mansion house, started in 1992, have been completed. During the reconstruction, water installation and paysage have been rebuilt, the structure has been statically strengthened and the walls of the courtyard have been renovated. There is also a fountain next to the walls of the courtyard. Fatma and Malike Kıbrıslı have lived here until 1984. Today the mansion house is used as the office of the Municipality of Rhodes.

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