Memi Pasha Tomb

It is taking place near the tomb of Serasker Mehmed Redif Pasha Tomb in the Murad Reis Cemetery. The monument was also called Zincirli Dede (Chained Father) Tomb because of the chains once used to surround the tomb. The monument has got no inscriptions, just there is the grave of Memi Pasha inside. According to the epitaph on his grave, Gazi Memi Pasha has passed away in 1620, after serving successfully in the Navy in Mediterrenean. And the Epitaph on the gravestone reads;

"Whoever prays at my tomb as passes by, they shall pass away with Koran".

The octogonal floor plan is covered with a dome. It has got a porc h and dome by the entrance. It was renovated by Turkish Waqf Administration in 1958 and was damaged in 1974 events. Today, because they feed cats and dogs within the porch, it is in a terrible condition. The tomb needs an urgent restoration.


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