Recep Pasha Mosque

It is located by the intersection of Agui Fanariu and Aristofanos Streets, right in the middle of the Turkish district in the old city. The mosque, tomb and shadirvan were registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 under number 23084/737. The mosque was constructed by Recep Pasha in 1588. There is a big plane tree next to it. Turks had a serious loyalty for plane trees just as the Greeks had to Quercus trees at the time. The mosque which has got a mihrab and minbar, is closed and in bad condition today. The mosque was damaged during World War II and the tiles in the prayer hall section were stolen. The minaret which has got a sylindirical shape and octagonal plan, placed on the north-western corner. The roofed shadirvan with eight columns is not in operation anymore. It has a mihrabiye on the north side.

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