Gazi Mehmed Bey Fountain

It's located in Elefteriu Venizelu Street, nearer to Moruk Mosque. The fountain is also called Bâb-› Cedid Water Reservoir (Kasimiri Fountain). It is understood that it was built by Gazi Mehmed Bey in 1696-1697. Information about Gazi Mehmed Bey's identitiy couldn't be reached. The fountain has a frontage which has two arches. The inscription is in the top midlle of these arches. Under the fountain, there is a stone basin higher than the ground, and sitting places projecting from the front in both sides. The fountain was repaired by Kos Municipality and this repairement was scraped under the inscription as "Dimarxia Kos 1948 (Kos Municipality-1948)". Today the fountain is used for the customers of a cafe near it.

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