Clock Tower

Located at 30 Dimarhias Street, the clock tower contains an inscription labeling it as a monument of 19th Century. It can be understood from the transcription of the Ottoman Turkish and Russian inscriptions found on it that it was built by Yeorgios Anastasiou Kyrtsis in 1311 (1895). Although a specific date can not be ascertained, it is known to have been built during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II. The transcription of its inscription is: “Yeorgios Anastasiou Kyrtsis constructed it in 1311”.

The tower, built on a hexagonal plan of cut stone narrows as it rises. It is comprised of four sections with crosswise moldings with a bell at the top. The clock is located just below the bell where clock faces and round windows alternately appear. There is a marble inscription above the entrance and a single stair that leads into the tower. During our visit it was closed and could not be entered. The Clock Tower shows some architectural similarities with the Vodina Clock Tower.

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