The Military Hospital

Although one of the central hospitals for the Ottoman forces in Rumelia whose name can be traced back to just after the constitutional period (1908), there are no documents to record its opening. It consisted of three separate buildings and could accommodate more than five hundred patients (Tsolakis, 2008, p.183). There is not much information available concerning the hospital, which came into service a very short time before the Turks left Kozana.

Records exist showing that the following served in the hospital at different times: Sol Kol Agha Bahaeddin (Diploma Nr: 1312 [1896]-34), Dr. Lieutenant Tahsin (Diploma Nr: 1317 [1901]-22), Özsülün Bey, Colonel İsmail Nail (1301 [1885]- ?) in 1909. The following were the chief physicians under district governor Ahmed Tevfik Raşid (1306 [1890]- 1): Ali Rıza Ahmed (1323 [1907]-35), Mehmed Süleyman Hasan (1323 [1907]- 74), Lieutenant Ali Faik Naim (1320 [1904]-13), Hasan Bedri Süleyman (1319 [1903]-97), (Özbay, 1981, p.101).

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