Süleymaniye Mosque

It is located by the Clock Tower square on top of a small hill on Sokratus Street in the old city. The Mosque and the fountain were registered by the Greek Ministry of Culture on 25 August 1948 under number 23084/737. Ibrahim Pasha has constructed two mosques in Rhodes under the order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, as he was going to Egypt. These mosques are the Süleymaniye Mosque and the ‹brahim Pasha Mosque. The inscriptions confirm this information. The Mosque is square floor planned in the centre, with smaller squares on the sides. These three squares are covered with a dome. The mihrab and minbar are gold gilded. The portico area has two rows. The first row is covered with a roof, the second row has got seven domes. The Mosque has got a niche design in the north side of the mosque. The minaret had a single gallery and was reconstructed in 1890 with two galleries. An octagonal shadirvan, resting on eight columns graces the entrance. The mosque underwent a big renovation in 1808. Before the visit of Sultan Abdulaziz to Rhodes, it was renovated again. The necessary finance 22,230 kurus for the renovation was provided by the Foundation according to the registry of 22 May 1850. The Mosque incurred serious damage by an earhtquake in 1856 and the explosion of the arsenal on the Island. The restoration started by the Greek Ministry of Culture in 1988 for the damaged minaret which was constructed in the place of the old minaret is considered one of the important Ottoman Relics on the twelve islands and was finished on 13 June 2005. The restoration was successful in keeping the original of the interior decoration and the same construction technics.

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