Şahin Giray Tomb

The tomb is located in the Murad Reis Cemetery. There are two graves in the tomb belongs to Şahin Giray and Fethi Giray. According to the Epitaphs on the grave Stones, Fethi Giray has passed away in 1663 and Şahin Giray in 1640. Şahin Giray is the son of Crimean Khan Selamet Giray Khan. He took refuge in Ottoman citizenship after some political activities. But he was exiled to Rhodes, where Crimean Khans were exiled and executed in Rhodes. By his execution, Judge(kadah) ambassador Sünbülzade Vehbi Efendi took place. Fethi Giray the son of Crimean Khan Devlet Giray Khan, has passed away, in his bed, at the age of 39. By the plan it can understood that it used to have collonades in front of the tomb which is octogonal and domed. The tomb needs an urgent renovation.

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