Siatista, a suburb of Kozani, holds an important place among the areas settlements that have similar style houses. Most of the magnificent and extensively-decorated houses were built by the fur traders of the city who gained rapid wealth towards the end of the 18 th century.


These elite houses, belonging to end of 18th century and the beginning of 19th century, were influenced by traditional Ottoman architectural influences. Most of these mansions are three-story structures with a summer residence on the upper floor consisting of sitting rooms with sofas, a stone floored winter quarters on the middle level and a ground floor used as a basement, pantry and storage. Most have bay windows on the upper floors that reach out over the streets below. The main rooms of these homes would open to the street. During our visit to the area, we could see that some of these homes had been destroyed while others were still in use. These traces of Ottoman architecture can also be found in Velvendo County to the east of Kozani.


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