Budorom (Ali Bey) Mosque

Located on Omonias Square at Keletriou Street, this mosque was registered by the Greek Presidential Bylaw of June 11, 1925 and the Official Gazette of June 16, 1925; 152/A. It is also known as Podorima/ Prodromou Mosque. Residents of the neighborhood told us that in Ottoman times what was once a church was turned into this mosque and then later again was turned back into a church. There are no remnants of its time as a mosque today.  

The mosque was registered as the Ali Bey Mosque (Budorom Mosque) in the Ottoman period. The charter of the vakif of the mosque, VGMA, is registered in the Defter Nr: 180/0, p.0106, Line Nr: 0819 on 27 M,1258 (March 10, 1842); Atik Defter Nr: 180/0, p.0084, Line Nr: 0641 on 12 B, 1290 (September 5, 1873). The charitable foundation of the mosque, VGMA, is in the Atik Defter, Nr: 402, Line Nr: 483 on 21 Z, 1257 (February 3, 1842).

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