Murad Reis Tomb

Murad Reis is one of the great Turkish mariners of the, Suleiman the Magnificent era. He had commanded the Ottoman Navy at Gulfs of Egypt and Basra. Every time the Ottoman Navy set sailed, the ships passing Rhodes saluted with cannon shots the tomb of their ex-commander Murad Reis, who had died a martry in 1609. Murad Reis Tomb which is located at the most central place of Rhodes, is an important place where the Turks living on the island kept their culture alive most intensely, thus allowing them to gather as well as generally being a religious structure where Muslim women to give offerings or where the family of every Turkish child who had been circumcised had a mevlüt read. Undertaker fiaban Kalanl›oghlu and his spouse Süheyla Kalanl›oghlu have been looking after the tomb and cemetery without receiving any payment. On the outer wall surface of the octagonal planned and domed mausoleum, there is a construction epitaph dated 1609. In an old picture from the Abdülhamid Albums, it can be seen that the outer surface of the tomb was covered with curtain and oil lamp figures. Inside, there is a chest that had belonged to Murad Reis. There is no headstone. There are; an oak tree which is said to be four century old and pebble mosaic carvings in the shape of anchor and compass on the courtyard. Today, the innerside of the mausoleum is bedraggled and needs to be repaired immediately.

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